Film director Miranda July talks about The Future

Writer and film director Mirand July was in town this weekend to introduce her new film “The Future” to audiences at the Walker Art Center.


Miranda July in The Future

“The Future” which July wrote, directed and in which she performs as Sophie and the voice of the cat, revolves round an earnest, self-absorbed and not very bright couple who decide to adopt an older cat, who has been given a month to live. Then Sophie and Jason learn the cat might live for another five years. They can’t adopt the cat for a month, so they decide to quit their jobs and fulfill their life goals in the next thirty days.

MPR’s Euan Kerr caught up with July to talk about the new film, and the future:

Miranda July is an unlikely provocateur, which is probably why she is so good at it. She’s a slender woman who wears carefully considered outfits. She stares in a disconcerting way, almost as if she’s been startled by a random thought, about say “The Future,” the concept, not the film.

“Well, I like that the second we start talking about the future you are automatically talking about people’s hopes or their fears, you know?” she said. “But pretty much never anything real.”

Because the future never arrives?

“Right,” she said, “And so even though it’s such a kind of mundane common word, it immediately puts you in a sort of interior, esoteric space.”

Interested in finding out about your own future? Try Miranda July’s online prognosicator.

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