What will become of the Southern Theater?


The Southern Theater in Minneapolis

MPR Photo/Chris Roberts

A while back we reported on the Southern Theater’s decision to eliminate all but one staff member, and become primarily a rental facility.

This morning, Chris Roberts took a closer look at the new model, how the community is reacting, and interviewed the last man standing, general manager Damon Runnals. Here’s an excerpt:

Runnals said the Southern’s new business plan is designed to keep the building open, pay his salary, and buy time for the organization to re-imagine itself. He envisions the Southern becoming a space geared toward mid-career artists trying to take their work to the next level. But will the Southern of old ever return?

“No,” Runnals said. “I don’t think the same Southern exists. I think the building will, but I honestly believe a new Southern is emerging.”

What that new Southern becomes, Runnals said, is for its board and the community to decide.

You can listen to the full story by clicking on the audio link below:

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