Shakespeare through the eyes of young girls

I call this marketing brilliance.

The folks at the Great River Shakespeare Festival had two precocious young girls – Eva and Anna – explain the plot of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” (which, like most Shakespeare plays, is rather complex).

Then, actors performed the play as Eva and Anna explained it. The results are charming, and filled with giggles.

The point? If these girls can understand Shakespeare, so can you.

  • Jim Gurley

    I’ve been to the Great River Shakespeare in Winona and it is FANTASTIC! Winona is a gorgeous place, with lots of other things to do, making for a perfect long weekend. I cannot recommend this Festival highly enough.

  • Kathy Peterson

    Since the Great River Shakespeare Festival started, SO MANY people who never thought they’d like Shakespeare have become converts! We have had such fun taking folks for their first time and seeing their enjoyment of these terrific productions.

  • Peter

    I love this video. I watch it over and over. It makes me happy. GRSF is a wonderful Shakespeare Company. The work they do is great story telling. Shakespeare related by the characters and delivered by professional, talented actors. They are good as you can see in the video. Talent. Humor. Passion. Plus Anna and Ava are great story tellers.

  • Virginia

    The Great River Shakespeare Festival has changed by mind about Shakespeare. The professional performers bring these plays to life and even my grade school grandsons enjoy them. It is amazing to me that I can enjoy such high quality, for such reasonable prices, in my own backyard.


  • Daniel

    That’s one of the best movies of A Midsummer Night’s Dream I’ve ever seen. I can’t wait to see their theatre production!

  • Rose

    I can’t remember when I last saw a video this inventive and fun to watch – over and over again! Kudos to the creative people at the Great River Shakespeare Festival. They are incredibly talented artists from around the country, bringing terrific theatre to Winona. Anna and Eva, you’ve really shared a great synopsis of Midsummer Night’s Dream. Can’t wait to see all the Season Eight productions!