Hennepin Theatre Trust to open new performance space

How many theaters can one street have?

Evidently, if it’s Hennepin Avenue, a lot.


The old Century Theatre, ca. 1937

Image courtesy of the Minnesota Historical Society

Hennepin Theatre Trust, swift on the heels of handing over its Hennepin Stages to the Brave New Workshop, has announced its opening a new space on Hennepin Avenue – the “New Century Theatre.”

This is addition to the three venues it currently programs: the Orpheum, the Pantages and the State.

According to the HTT, the New Century Theatre will be a 300 seat, flexible use performance space on the street level of City Center in downtown Minneapolis.

The New Century Theatre’s programming will complement that of the other three main stages, with shows similar to those it scheduled at Hennepin Stages, in addition to more local performances and student cabarets.

The New Century Theatre gets its name from Century Theatre, one of four historic theatres that used to operate near the site of what is now City Center. The original theater opened in 1908 as a 2,000-seat vaudeville house called the Miles.

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