John Waters floods the Walker with art


John Waters peaks out of one of the works that are included in “Absentee Landlord,” an exhibit he curated at Walker Art Center.

MPR Photo/Jeffrey Thompson

John Waters – filmmaker, performer, art collector – has let his creative spirit flow freely, bringing several disparate works of art together in a show called “Absentee Landlord” at the Walker Art Center.

He even offers you his own personal invitation to the show:

Speaking of the “flooding MacDonalds” video – Euan Kerr interviewed Waters late last week, during which he came up with another performance video idea:

“Maybe if this is the success that I hope it will be they could do ‘Flooding the Walker,'” he smiles. Standing behind him a Walker staff member looks mildly distressed.

For now the museum appears to be much more comfortable flooded with Waters than with water.

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