Art Hounds: CONvergence, Beethoven and a poster-like mural

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This week, the hounds find the art in a science fiction convention, the diversity of Beethoven’s music in Winona and a poster-like mural in Powderhorn.

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Thumbnail image for susanwoehrle.jpgSusan Woehrle is a storyteller and writer from Minneapolis. She usually digs CONvergence, the Twin Cities’ annual science fiction and fantasy convention, but she’s especially excited about this year’s theme: “Tomorrow Through the Past.” With its focus on steampunk, she thinks this year’s convention will really showcase the imagination and artistic expression of the convention participants.

jnorton.jpgMinneapolis printmaker Joshua Norton thinks Richard Barlow’s mural in Minneapolis is no ordinary mural. The mural, which Barlow painted on the Acme Awning building in Minneapolis’ Powderhorn neighborhood through a Clean City grant, depicts a speed skating rink that used to be in Powderhorn Park. Norton loves how this image taken from a photograph from the Minnesota Historical Society manages to be nostalgic and modern at the same time.

Jonelle Moore.jpgJonelle Moore, a pianist from Winona, looks forward to the Minnesota Beethoven Festival every year. Beethoven is her favorite composer and she feels the Winona festival really captures the depth and diversity of his compositions. The festival is going on through July 17 and features many different performances, including tonight’s free Minnesota Orchestra concert at the Lake Park Bandshell.

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  • Listening to this talk (twice) today inspired me to go and take a photo of the mural, and it should end up as today’s photo for

    I agree, it is a fantastic mural, and if you go into the back alley there is another (silver & white) by the same artist. Well worth walking round the back to see. It doesn’t really matter where the sun is, you get to see it interacting with the metallic paint.

  • carl franzen

    The speed skating rink depicted in the Richard Barlow mural is where current south Minneapolis resident, Ken Bartholomew, did his practice runs before going to the Winter Olympics In 1948. Bartholomew won a silver medal in the 500 meter race in St. Moritz, and is now the oldest living medal holder in the U.S. He is 91.

  • Marianne Combs

    Mike – is this the mural you are talking about?

  • Marianne,

    yes, that is the mural I never knew existed.

    Here is my diptych of the copper/white, white/copper

  • Marianne Combs

    Mike – very nice!