Author Ann Patchett reveals her deepest fear


Ann Patchett

MPR’s Kerri Miller gets people to reveal some rather interesting things about themselves in her interviews, and her conversation with author Ann Patchet was no exception.

In this case, Miller brought up an incident involving a small boat, the Amazon river, and a 15 foot Anaconda – all part of Patchett’s research for her latest book “State of Wonder.” Patchett admitted it was a frightening experience, but that snakes do not top her list of pathological fears. What does?

You know what I’m afraid of? Really super-realistic looking baby dolls… of the kind my sister adored. Take a good hard look at one, in their plastic coffins lined up next to each other… it’s like a row of dead babies in plastic boxes. It’s beyond horrifying.

You can hear their entire conversation by clicking on the link below: