Vikings documentary relives season of pain

It takes a lot of courage to be a Vikings fan. And for some, rooting for the team isn’t just a pastime, it’s a full-time passion. The documentary “SKOL” follows some of the Vikings’ most dedicated fans through last year’s season – you know, the one in which Coach Brad Childress was fired, Randy Moss came and went, and the roof collapsed?

As University of Minnesota sports sociologist Doug Hartmann says, “You can change your religion and your wife way easier than you can change your football team.”

Even the Vikings’ website admits:

Sure, part of being a Vikings fan is having the ability to feel comfortable on football’s emotional roller coaster, but if you’re a Vikings fan, you can’t ever say you’ve been bored.

The documentary gets its premiere at 8 pm on Thursday, May 19, at the Heights Theatre. Will you be there? Can you bear to watch?

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