The rise in local bakeries


I always experience a little surge of pride when I see Minnesota make the New York Times travel section.

Of course, if I were writing the article, I’d be talking about our amazing theater scene, the world class dance companies, the great jazz clubs, and of course our excellent museums.

So imagine my surprise – and delight – when I saw in today’s paper that we’ve made headlines for our bread.

When I think of cities with a national baking reputation, I think of San Francisco, and New York. And yet, here we are, in today’s Travel Section: “Bakeries Spring Up in the Twin Cities.”

The article profiles Salty Tart, Patisserie 46, Bars Bakery and Sweets Bakeshop.

Of course, those are just a fraction of the great bakeries we have… there’s also Turtle Bread, Patrick’s Bakery, Wuollet, A Baker’s Wife Pastry Shop, French Meadow, Isles Bun and Coffee, Rustica, Trung Nam French Bakery…

Man, I’m hungry.

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