Still counting those Minnesota artists

ive-been-counted-logo-1.jpgI must admit, when I first reported on the MN Arts Count back in March, I thought “really? You’re going to count ALL the artists in Minnesota in just seven weeks?”

Turns out the Minnesota State Arts Board has realized that finding all of those artists may take a little more time. Today the MSAB announced it’s extending the count to May 31. It was originally set to close at the end of April.

According to MSAB Executive Director Sue Gens, “there are so many arts and community events in May where we can further promote participation in MN Arts Count that we felt that extending the deadline was prudent.”

The Arst Board’s definition of “art” is quite broad, and is hoping to get an initial estimate of the following:

– Individuals: anyone who, professionally or personally, sings, acts, dances, writes, draws, paints, sculpts, illustrates, photographs, films, knits, weaves, directs, plays an instrument, composes, shares stories, designs or engages in any other form of creative expression.

– Businesses/organizations that support, host, produce or perform creatively: venues, restaurants, coffee houses, taverns, galleries, theaters, groups, troupes, bands, ensembles, companies, local governments, schools, community education departments, churches, arenas, festivals, fairs, programs, businesses, social service agencies, or any other type of organization which displays, hosts, or otherwise supports creative expression in the state of Minnesota.

The state legislature directed the State Arts Board and the state’s eleven regional arts councils to conduct the census to help measure the influence of arts in the state.

You can participate in the MN Arts Count here.

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