Pay a visit to the House of Balls

On this week’s MN Original, Allen Christian shows viewers around his studio “The House of Balls” – which also serves as a gallery of transformed objects. Christian used to specialize in creating sculptures out of bowling balls, but of late he’s working more with frying pans and silverware.

It’s always been about trying to find the essence of humanity through found objects, through inanimate objects that are cast offs to try and give these inanimate objects a new lease on life, to imbue them with emotion. It’s obviously a difficult thing when you’re dealing with an old fire hydrant but I think it can still be done and I’m certainly up to the challenge.

For Christian it’s all about playing and having fun, and his pieces are both witty and irreverent.

For instance, there’s the “Drink My Blood Jesus” drinking fountain, which he plans to hook up to a pump that would serve up sangria for a party.

Here’s the segment on Christian; to watch the entire program, go here.