MN poetry: St. Paul sidewalk winners

The winners of this year’s Everyday Poems for City Sidewalk have been announced. Five winners were selected from 584 submissions. I could just choose one to share this week, but they’re short, so why not share all five? Enjoy! Soon these poems will be coming to a sidewalk near you…


I can’t remember

all the flowers she taught me.

Her pansies worry.

by Michael Murphy


Four feet tall and poised,

glove on, front row, third base line,

yearning for the foul.

by Michael Russelle


Evening Chores

When the door claps its frame

the goat runs as if I were

bringing the world instead

Of rotting squash. His

strong teeth search

for me more-­‐ gently

As if he couldn’t bear to know-­‐

that one world is all I have

to feed him

and one is not enough.

by Sara Clark


He’s fat

My fault

No walks

by Lillian Rupp

(youth submission)


Love of Hockey

Life magazines for shin guards.

Skates too big, stick cracked and old,

jacket patched and tattered.

I ignored the smirks and winter’s cold,

love of hockey was all that mattered.

by Louis DiSanto

Congratulations to all the winners! You can read the five poems that won honorable mentions here.

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