Julie Andrews and The Very Fairy Princess


Julie Andrews at the Perpich Center for the Arts

MPR Photo/Jeffrey Thompson

Yesterday I posted Dame Julie Andrews’ talk at the Perpich Center for the Arts, but in all the rush to get the story on the air I didn’t have time to include the audio of our interview, which took place after her talk.

So, here it is; we discussed why she’s in Minneapolis, writing children’s books with her daughter, and what she’s looking forward to doing next with her life.

  • Since the very beginning of her career in Hollywood Julie has set such an outstanding example as individual. It’s inspiring to know the things that keeps her motto running, and she has contributed as an arts advocate with her career in so many levels, as you said, from singing to acting to writing, I’m just thrilled to know that she’s interested in directing.

    It was a lovely interview, thank you for posting it.