Dan Wilson has issues with drummer in his one-man band

The latest episode of MN Original is a particularly fine one, featuring, among other things, an inside look at Dan Wilson’s songwriting process.

Some of my favorite moments:

Wilson – who is a one-man band on his newest album – talks about how Dan the piano player is annoyed with Dan the drummer, who’s just not that good. But he says it’s okay, because having a mediocre drummer keeps things “fresh and loose.”

Speaking of drumming – Duniya Drum and Dance proceed to rock the house, and the two youngest performers absolutely steal the show.

Nancy Carlson, author of Harriet’s Recital and a host of other children’s books, gets a hero’s welcome at Northview elementary school.

And Joe Chvala’s Flying Foot Forum performs an absolutely riveting and creepy “I saw Esau.”

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