Don’t say underwear; say Munsingwear


Detail from a Munsingwear ad, circa the 1920s

Minneapolis was once home to one of the most successful underwear manufacturers – Munsingwear.

A new exhibit has just opened at the Minnesota History Center which exposes the inside story of Munsingwear. It’s called, fittingly, “Underwear: A Brief History.”

A new book published to accompany the exhibit is called “In the Mood for Munsingwear.”

This morning on Morning Edition host Cathy Wurzer interviewed author Susan Marks at the building where Munsingwear was based for many years.

It turns out the key to Munsingwear’s success was mixing silk with wool so that its underwear didn’t itch.

My favorite part of the interview? Hearing how Cathy Wurzer says “unmentionables.”

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