Art by U of M prof heads to Kinshasa


“Life is Struggle,” by David Feinberg, and collaborators

University of Minnesota associate professor David Feinberg is going to show his work in an unusual, but appropriate location.

The curator of the U.S. State Department’s ART in Embassies program, Sally Mansfield, thought Feinberg’s piece was a fitting choice for display at the U.S. Embassy in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo.

According to a release from the U of M:

The artwork, “Life is Struggle,” was made through Feinberg’s “Voice to Vision” collaborative studio project and will be displayed as part of the Kinshasa Embassy exhibition Voices. The exhibition addresses the voices and voicelessness of victims of genocide, rape, AIDS, homelessness, poverty and discrimination. It will be displayed for the tenure of U.S. Ambassador James Entwhistle, from spring 2011 to fall 2013.

According to Mansfield, “Professor Feinberg’s ‘Voice to Vision’ project with Holocaust and genocide survivors is a perfect fit for this exhibition. His artwork ‘Life is Struggle’ addresses many issues of the exhibition simultaneously, in an admirably collaborative manner.”

You can find out more about Feinberg’s collaborative process – and how “Life is Struggle” came to be – here (scroll down to the last image).

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