Are Minnesotans a bunch of hipsters?

Minnesota Nice, sure… but Minnesota Hipster?

An article in BuzzFeed argues that Minnesota is the most Hipster state in the U.S. because, “although Minnesota has less than 1/3rd the population of New York state, it leads the nation in searches for the term ‘hipster.'”

(Huh? Does that mean search results of Hipster pulled up a bunch of Minnesota references? Or does it mean Minnesotans use the search term Hipster more than anyone else?)

Author Chris Menning says the media tends to portray the hotbed of hipster-ism as the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn, but “the typical Williamsburg hipster is essentially trying to portray the appearance of a Minnesotan.”

Menning cites the abundance of flannel, live theater, music, farmers’ markets and bike trails in his argument, but concludes:

“A hipster is just a Brooklynite who wishes they were from Minnesota because it’s “more real,” while genuine Minnesotans are exempt from the label.”

What do you think? Is Minnesota a hotbed of hipster-ism?

What defines “hipster” anyway?

  • weird

    So you’re maybe the sixth place I’ve seen this article online today (which is embarrassing enough given its lack of content – you even call him an “author”!), and the fourth that kinda missed the fact that this “research” is based on Google searches. I’d bet some serious cheese that MN leads the entire nation in searches for “thrifty hipster” for some reason.

  • Marianne Combs

    Oh, I understand that it’s based on Google searches. I’m just unclear as to how he used Google searches to determine that Minnesota was the most “hipster.” I know it was an article done more to amuse than anything else, but it raises some interesting questions.

    As for calling him an “author” – maybe that’s a bit grandiose for his having written a few lines, but he is a regular blogger on Buzzfeed.

  • Liz

    I also immediately thought about “thrifty hipster” as well…

  • michael

    “So where do you live?”

    “Oh, in Saint Paul, but you probably haven’t heard of it yet.”

  • Mo

    I lived in & near Williamsburg during its advent of hipsterville. I have also been living in Mpls intermittently in the last few years. No one talks about the big elephant in the room: race. There’s little discussion odf it amongs hipsters unless its in jest, or in some distant past or indirectly through borrowing other folks’ culture to add to some “coolness”. Minnesota lacks the diversity & integration that places like NY & CA have in abundance. Personally I think this allows their youth & others (old hipsters) to stay in a bubble, remain consistent thematically & retain “original” copies while the others continue to change. When I first got here 10 years ago it did not have that hipster vibe. I eventualy moved to Williamsburg & it would be another 6yrs before returning to Mpls. It resembled 2003 Brooklyn. But hey that’s the midwest. In my humble opinion- it still does. So if folks think NYC is copying Mpls or those respective states it seems like a dog chasing his own tail. In the end its a silly argument- I’m still waiting for so-called hipsters to do something meaningful for their communities.

  • jon

    I live in the Twin Cities and have visited NY, MN is definately not, “2003 Brooklyn”…

  • kik

    Can I just say, I am from the twin cities and I honestly feel like we are a laid back state with decent fashion sense. Who cares about all these new labels people have for this generation.