Tuesday news and reviews


Yarn revolution

HOTTEA leads a local trend toward “nondestructive” street art.

– Tristan Pollock, Vita.mn


Doubt in air at Southern show

REVIEW Two out-of-town troupes joined Judith Howard in the kind of edgy dance that’s a Southern mainstay.



The juke box and the live performance: ‘Jersey Boys’ at Orpheum; calypso at the Dakota

– Max Sparber, MinnPost.com


MSPIFF PRESENTS: The greatest Morgan Spurlock interview you’ve ever heard

I spoke with Spurlock at the Hyatt hotel–one of the sponsors of the film–in downtown Minneapolis. Spurlock handed me a card-key with himself appearing on the card-key, and said the Minneapolis Hyatt was the first one he saw with the new key-card.

– Jim Brunzell III, TC Daily Planet

Blown away by ‘Blow Out’ PP movie critic Chris Hewitt tells us why he loves loves loves the movieA couple of months ago, several readers contacted me after I mentioned that my favorite movie might be the 1981 Brian De Palma thriller, “Blow Out.” Essentially, their messages amounted to: “Really?”

– Chris Hewitt, Pioneer Press


Pixies at Roy Wilkins Auditorium, 4/24/11

The Pixies are better now than they’ve ever been, and how could anyone complain about that?

– Andrea Swensson, City Pages

Rock ‘n’ roll fantasy camp

Rock Camp for Dads, a Twin Cities project, allows aspiring musicians to band together and live out their dreams of being a star.

– BILL WARD , Star Tribune

Duran Duran at Epic, 04/22/11

Duran Duran turned the sold-out Epic nightclub into a decidedly retro ’80s party palace on Friday night, delighting their maturing but still passionate fans with an energetic 100-minute set full of hits both new and old.

– Erik Thompson, City Pages

Rusko at First Avenue: O.M.G. is right

For all the shows I’ve seen at First Avenue over the years, absolutely nothing quite compares to the raucous party I witnessed on Wednesday night courtesy of Rusko.

– Sarah Heuer, TC Daily Planet

The Black Lips at Varsity Theater, 4/23/11

The Black Lips are notorious for their stage antics, which over the years have included such things as nudity, vomiting and–inexplicably–electric R.C. car races.

– Pat O’Brien, City Pages


‘Arsenic’ delights with funny, macabre production

This is the kind of comedy where any character truly is in danger–think of all the kindly old corpses in the basement–and Forbes brings home the menace with blood-dripping delight.

– Ed Huyck, City Pages

Can’t take my eyes off ‘Jersey Boys’

Jersey Boys is such a complete dream of a musical that breaking it down into particular feats of stagecraft and rock performance does the experience a disservice.

– Peter S. Scholtes

Review: Herrmann’s Wuthering Heights remains an elusive operatic vision

If the Minnesota Opera’s historic staging of Bernard Herrmann’s long neglected only opera, an adaptation of Emily Brontë’s Wuthering Heights, proves anything it’s that suspense was inextricably fused into the composer’s musical DNA.

– Brad Richason, Examiner.com

Adam Carrolla talks standup comedy, Dwayne Johnson, football metaphors

Adam Carolla made his name as a radio broadcaster who co-hosted the popular syndicated program Loveline (which spawned a multi-season MTV version as well), which led to a stint as the on-air replacement for a departing Howard Stern.

– Bryan Miller, City Pages

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