Sunday news and reviews


Minnesota’s artful women

A handsome book traces the careers of eight pioneering modernist artists from the state, all women.

– MARY ABBE , Star Tribune

Books/Writing/Spoken Word

Hey – did you check out the results of the MN Book Awards yet? Read all about it here.

‘Little House’ journey

A writer explores myths and stories behind the “Little House” books.

– MEGANNE FABREGA , Star Tribune

Shakespearean drama

A long-lost Shakespeare play is discovered in a Minneapolis house — maybe.

– MARK ATHITAKIS , Star Tribune

The line between violence and money

A former journalist takes a job at a hedge fund in Bolivia.

– MARK ATHITAKIS , Star Tribune

Rabasa’s latest moves from zippy fiction to tale of obsession

A disturbed young man kidnaps a young woman and hides her in a cabin.

– EMILY CARTER , Star Tribune

Collection is about mothers and daughters, fathers and sons

New stories by Ann Packer, the author of “The Dive From Clausen’s Pier.”


Biography shows artist’s wife was also an artist

Has there ever been an artist’s wife more loyal to the work of her husband than Lee Krasner?

– ANDREA HOAG, Star Tribune


Christopher Bahn: Reveling in our wealth of music, art and theater

Is this a good place to be a critic?

– James Lileks, Star Tribune


Reality TV gets more real

More shows are featuring players with physical disabilities. Not only do they serve as inspiration, but they’re potential winners, too.

– NEAL JUSTIN , Star Tribune

Director without borders

Oscar-winning Danish filmmaker Susanne Bier likes dramas with global locales and tough moral choices.

– COLIN COVERT , Star Tribune


Jeff Beck is making a ‘commotion’ again

The guitar god talks about Eric Clapton, Rod Stewart and “Nessun Dorma” as well as his enduring hairdo.

– JON BREAM , Star Tribune

Ruler of the calypso roost

Music legend the Mighty Sparrow brings his infectious beats and wicked rhymes for a rare club concert Thursday.

– RICK MASON , Star Tribune

Cults bring a splash of summer to the 7th Street Entry

I came away a much bigger fan than I was going in.

– Kyle Matteson, TC Daily Planet

Rusko on dubstep, 420, and the end of regional music genres

Rusko is UK-born Christopher Mercer, a 26-year-old producer and DJ best known for his association with dubstep and often credited for its recent rise in popularity.

– Sarah Heuer, TC Daily Planet


His zigzag path to the ‘role of a lifetime’

For Dennis Spears, singing came naturally. Acting has taken hard work.

– ROHAN PRESTON , Star Tribune

Illusion Theater’s ‘Three Viewings’ makes a riveting return

Illusion Theater has resurrected a show set in a funeral parlor that is definitely worth viewing.

– Renee Valois, Pioneer Press

Theater review: Guthrie proves ‘Arsenic’ can still slay the audience

In terms of body count, they fall somewhere between the Zodiac Killer and Jeffrey Dahmer. In terms of laughs, they fall somewhere between “Long Day’s Journey Into Night” and “Noises Off.” They’re the merry old serial-killing biddies of “Arsenic and Old Lace.”

– Chris Hewitt, Pioneer Press

Minnesota Opera’s “Wuthering Heights”: I could love a Linton

It really was something to see all of these unbelievably talented, and dedicated people bring to life the obsession of one man, a musical genius who never was able to see his project come to life.

– Courtney Algeo, TC Daily Planet

Annie at the Children’s Theatre Company

Jumpin’ Jehosaphat, but those orphans are cute.

– John Olive,

Three Viewings at Illusion Theater

What engages us from start to finish is Hatcher’s gift with spinning a tale, balancing with care between perfectly believable and Forrest Gump-like absurdity – right where a good story ought to perch.

– Janet Preus,

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