Springboard to adminster McKnight Dance and Choreography Fellowships

The McKnight Foundation today announced Springboard for the Arts will temporarily assume administration of the foundation’s dance and choreography fellowships.

The fellowships had long been run by the Southern Theater, but McKnight ended that relationship after discovering the Southern had co-mingled the dance grant money with the theater’s general fund, and current fellows had gone unpaid.

In today’s release McKnight President Kate Wolford says the arrangement will allow this year’s awards to go forward.

Springboard has a rich history of connecting artists with resources,” Wolford in quoted in the release. “With these important fellowships in need of a home this year, we recognized our longtime grantee as uniquely positioned and well equipped to help. We are grateful that Springboard agreed to step in and lend a hand.”

Springboard will co-ordinate the already-started application process to select three dancers and three choreographers who will each receive $25,000 in support of their work.

McKnight which offers fellowships in a variety of disciplines, ranging from ceramics to music, film and photography, hopes to find a permanent home for the dance and choreography fellowships by the end of the summer.