City Pages publishes its annual Best of the Twin Cities

So every year City Pages puts out its annual “Best of the Twin Cities” guide, and every year I immediately flip to the Arts and Entertainment section to see who made the list. There are a few names that regularly show up, and there always a few surprises, too. Here are some of the highlights:

This year, Theater Latte Da, and its director Peter Rothstein both received accolades, earning “Best of” rankings for theater company, musical (“Violet”) and director.

Ten Thousand Things won for its production of “Life’s A Dream.”

Minnesota Orchestra won in the category of “Best Non-Movie Theater Place to See a Movie” for performing scores to movies like “Psycho” live while the film is screened onstage.

Uri Sands came away with “Best Choreographer” for his company TU Dance, and the male vocal ensemble Cantus (MPR Classical’s musical group in residence) was awarded with “Best Classical Musician.”

And of course, hats off to 89.3 The Current for taking the “Best Radio Station” award, and to Steve Seel garnering the “Best FM Radio Personality” (his colleague Mark Wheat won the Readers’ Choice award in the same category).

Congrats to all the winners!

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