Arts 101: The Arts Lingo Quiz

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  • I got a score of 9. I’ve been playing bass guitar professionally for 44 years and run a performing arts center and I hadn’t heard of most of these terms before. Looks like I have some learning to do. This was fun.

  • AK

    Wow I barely got the rank of Art Hobbyist… very good cross section of questions!

  • Amy Smith

    You have the wrong definition for Pentimento for your quiz.

    Pentimento is visual information that is left over from the past.

    For example: You’ll see faded signs painted on the sides of old brick buildings along with newer paint. On a painting you might have painted over an old painting and texture or colors from the previous incarnation will show up in the newer painting on the previously used surface.

  • Hello Amy,

    Thank you for the feedback. We’ve edited the quiz question so that it is more accurate now.

    Thanks again!