Art Hounds: Women’s work, Native bags, and an Afrobeat legend

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This week’s hounds have set their sights on a performance series by and about women, a re-discovered collection of beautifully woven Native American bags in Winona, and the co-founder of ‘Afrobeat’ music, who’s playing at the Cedar.

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levi.jpg“It’s Women’s Work,” at Open Eye Figure Theatre in Minneapolis, deserves more attention than it’s getting, says Art Hound Levi Weinhagen. Levi, co-founder of the kids/adult theater troupe “Comedy Suitcase,” says the showcase features mainly female singers and performers dealing with material that pertains to women. It winds up Thursday, April 21 through Saturday April 23, with “Fearless and Fallen,” a performance of 17th, 18th and 19th century folk songs. “Fearless and Fallen” features singer Prudence Johnson, guitarist Dean Magraw and cellist Michelle Kinney.

peterflick.jpgRetired arts educator Peter Flick of Winona wants to spread the word about a collection of re-discovered woven Native American bags at Winona County Historical Society. Peter says the beautifully woven bags from tribes around the Great Lakes region are gorgeous to look at and provide a glimpse into everyday life for Native people. The exhibition is called “Weaving Culture,” and it’s on display through May 22.

manifest.jpgMinneapolis rapper M.anifest is so excited about this Saturday’s Tony Allen concert at the Cedar Cultural Center in Minneapolis, he got on Skype to tell us about it from his native Ghana! M.anifest says Nigerian percussionist Tony Allen not only co-founded the infectiously rhythmic and influential ‘Afrobeat’ movement, he’s probably the greatest drummer in the world, even at 71!

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