Your weekend outlook: Dark, scary and a little bit dirty


The cast of Avenue Q, now playing at Mixed Blood Theatre in Minneapolis.

No this is not the street Jim Henson lived on… Avenue Q, unlike Sesame Street, features puppets who swear, look at porn on the internet, and do all sorts of other perfectly human things. The broadway hit takes a more intimate turn at Mixed Blood Theatre through May 1.

We often think murder and violence is something that happens to other people, who live in some other neighborhood. But Angela Strassheim’s photographs reveal the evidence of crimes from years gone by left behind in homes that seem otherwise completely urbane. An exhibition of her work titled “Evidence” is up at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts through October 9 (Check back here tomorrow for an in-depth look at the show).

Flying Foot Forum’s Joe Chvala and The New Standards’ Chan Poling have teamed together to create “Heaven,” a dance-theater piece that explores the brutality of war-torn Bosnia in the 1990s. The show runs through April 10 at the Guthrie – you can read the reviews here.

Does the Minneapolis skyway system have a special, warm place in your heart? Then head over to the Walker Art Center tonight to see the results of Architecture Magazine’s Videotect competition, in which people were invited to create their own video tributes to the architectural oddity.

So, what are you doing this weekend?

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