Video break: “Scattered Light”

Last week while talking to Kristin Makholm of the Minnesota Museum of American Art, I learned that for this summer’s Northern Spark Festival, the MMAA is bringing a light installation by Jim Campbell to St. Paul. “Scattered Light” which is the subject of the first part of the above video, was a hit in Madison Square Park, where it was intalled for four months. It’s comprised of 2,000 LED lights encased in standard lightbulbs. Viewed up close the installation lives up to its name, appearing as simply “scattered lights,” but, viewed from a distance, you can actually see images of ghostly figures walking by. The grid of lights become a sort of photograph, with each bulb equalling one pixel. According to the MMAA, “Scattered Light” will be installed on June 4 and remain on view through July, emerging into brilliant view as dusk turns to night each day.

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