Tuesday news and reviews


‘Faces of the Dead’ on display at Icebox Gallery

Christopherson’s photography exhibition “Faces of the Dead” heightens the mysteriousness that emanates from gravestones in Cimitero Del Verano, a cemetery in Rome, Italy.

– Coco Mault, City Pages

Minneapolis-based U.S. Committee of the Blue Shield keeps close eye on museum looting in Egypt, Libya

Corine Wegener is kind of the Clark Kent of museum work.

– Jessica Lussenhop, City Pages


John Sandford’s ‘Certain Prey’ will be movie with Harmon

If you’re a fan of John Sandford’s “Prey” series, get ready. USA Network announced it’s developing a two-hour movie starring Mark Harmon based on the series’ 10th novel, “Certain Prey.”

– Amy Carlson Gustafson, Pioneer Press


Replacements documentary ‘Color Me Obsessed’: music-free is okay with me

Through over 140 interviews, Gorman Bechard’s Color Me Obsessed looks to unpack and contextualize The Replacements’ legacy through the words and eyeballs of their most – and least – famous fans.

– Andrew Flanagan, City Pages


Gayngs Affiliyated Showcase at First Avenue, 3/6/2011

The Gayngs and Gimme Noise Affiliyated Showcase at First Avenue was nothing short of epic — so epic, in fact, that even the word doesn’t seem big enough.

– Natalie Gallagher, City Pages

Gayngs Affiliyated Showcase leaves First Avenue happily exhausted

Well-played, Gayngs. That was epic.

– Jay Gabler, TC Daily Planet

Telekinesis, The Love Language, and Red Pens throw a birthday party at the 7th Street Entry

Hopefully, for our sake, both bands will come back later this year, preferably when the temperature is a bit more inviting, so they can get the crowds they both deserve.

– Kyle Matteson, TC Daily Planet

It’s carnival time: Jon Cleary and the Dirty Dozen Brass Band at the Dakota

– Max Sparber, MinnPost.com


Worlds collide gorgeously, in song

In Minnesota Opera’s non-trendy “Traviata,” vivid singing carries the sad story.


Come to his ‘Cabaret’

Bradley Greenwald sashays into our minds as the enigmatic Emcee who presides over Germany’s descent into the Nazi nightmare.

– Graydon Royce, Star Tribune

Cabaret by Frank Theatre

Stripped down to its both smarmy and beautiful story, and set in a near-perfect environment at the Centennial Showboat on Harriet Island, this production immerses you in the tawdry world of Berlin’s cabaret culture as the Nazi’s rise to power begins.

– Janet Preus, Howwastheshow.com

Capriciousness of the gods

There is plenty of comedy in “Dido, Queen of Carthage,” the rarely performed Christopher Marlowe “tragedy.”


‘Goats’ chews its way to purpose

A young man finds a new approach to life by chasing goats up and down a hillside outside Jerusalem.

– Graydon Royce, Star Tribune

‘Goats’ A good yarn is told well in this one-person show

Despite an uninspiring title, Alan Berks’ “Goats” is a pretty good story.

– Rob Hubbard, Pioneer Press

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