Trylon tries a little Mumblecore


Mumblecore is one of those terms that elicits one of three reactions:excitement, horror, or bewilderment. Members of the low-budget, low-tech, high-concept movement (although ‘movement’ may be too strong a word) produce movies about people drifting through life, looking for meaning and fulfillment, without finding much. If you are a fan, it’s a comfortable reflection of real life. If you’re not there’s an infuriating lack of explosions or resolution. If you don’t know anything about mumblecore, you might want to check out “Wah Do Dem” tonight next Tuesday (March 15th) at the Trylon in Minneapolis.

“Wah Do Dem” is the story of Max (Sean Bones,) a mopey 20-something, who finds himself on a cruise to Jamaica. He’s there because he won two tickets, but he’s alone because his girlfriend Willow (a brief appearance by singer Nora Jones,) dumped him just before departure, and none of his friends can, or will take the time off to go along. Max believes himself a sophisticate of sorts, but he soon gets lost in the very different Jamaican culture, which at one point leaves him stranded alone on a beach, with literally only a pair of cut-off shorts to his name.

Writer/directors Ben Chace and Sam Feischner capture Max’s predicament as he works his way out of trouble. It’s a gently funny film, with moments of discomforting mysticism, which Max tries and usually fails to embrace.

The “Wah Do Dem” screening is part of the Trylon’s Premiere Tuesdays series where the microcinema screens interesting movies which otherwise might bypass the Twin Cities. It’s an opportunity worth checking out.