Thursday news and reviews


‘Evidence’ opens this week as part of MIA’s ‘New Pictures’ series

As part of the museum’s semi-annual “New Pictures” series, which highlights experiments in photography and new media related to today’s culture, forensic photographer and MCAD graduate Angela Strassheim will be a featured artist.

– Coo Mault, City Pages

iArt Photographer leaves expensive gear at home and shoots with his iPhone

In the process, he has achieved what he calls a transcendent connection to the world

around him, without all his pricey photography gear getting in the way.

– Julio Ojeda-Zapata, Pioneer Press


Young Minn. novelist honored in Elle magazine

Amanda Hocking, 26, of Austin, is featured in the April issue of Elle as one of “10 brilliant women” in the fashion magazine’s Genius issue, which hits Minnesota newsstands next week.

– PAUL WALSH, Star Tribune


A New York treasure lands in Minneapolis

Walker Art Center buys a coveted collection of Merce Cunningham dance artifacts, including work by such greats as Warhol.

– MARY ABBE, Star Tribune


‘A Cock Tale’ premieres Friday at Suburban World Theatre

The story revolves around two characters with all the makings of a classic American rivalry: Brock, a rooster with rippling abs, a low IQ, and plenty of charisma, and Todd, a smaller rooster with seven fanny packs, an addiction to juice boxes, and an unhealthy amount of chicken porn.

– Patrick Strait, City Pages


A great day for the Irish: Kieran Folliard’s new whiskey, and a lesson in the Irish brogue

– Max Sparber,


Fox 9 plagiarizes City Pages A-List, Critics’ Picks, Gimme Noise blog

Though no byline has been attached to any of the stories, the Fox 9 blurbs match the City Pages items word-for-word, artwork included.

– Jessica Armbruster, City Pages


Four Humors presents a rock musical based on romantic poets

The Age of Wordsworth is basd on the writings of William Wordsworth, Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley, and Percy Bysshe Shelley.

– Sheila Regan, City Pages

Stanley Clarke at the Dakota Jazz Club, 3/15/11

To “jazz fusion” fans you’d of thought the messiah was coming as we approached the jam packed, standing room only, people crowding the lobby and sidewalk kind of event that happened last night at the Dakota.

– Danny Sigelman, City Pages

Virtuosity on the violin

A recital at the Ordway showed why Leila Josefowicz is one of today’s “indispensable” performers.


Empty’s Tapes discusses the local taping scene

John Coughlin started recording shows in 2004 and, since, his audio library has grown by at least 450 shows and 1000 individual sets.

– Loren Green, City Pages

The Portland Cello Project Tears It Up at the Cedar

The Portland Cello Project always plays to an enthusiastic crowd when in the Twin Cities and their recent show at the Cedar Cultural Center was no different.

– Michelle Los,

Ashley Gold talks about debut EP and upcoming album release showThe petite, fire-haired songbird is most definitely in a category all her own.

– Natalie Gallagher, City Pages


Keillor tells AARP he’s retiring in 2013

While Keillor has made no secret that he’s been considering retiring from his popular public radio show, he told AARP Bulletin that he’s set a date — spring of 2013.

– Amy Carlson Gustafson, Pioneer Preses

Garrison Keillor sets date for retirement – in 2 years

He says he’ll step down from “A Prairie Home Companion” in spring 2013, assuming he finds a replacement.

– JON BREAM, Star Tribune

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