Thursday news and reviews


Pillsbury House lobby hosts gorgeous Obsidian Arts show

In “The Baggage We Carry,” Catherine Kennedy takes elder refugee women from war torn Liberia as her subject.

– Sheila Regan, City Pages

‘Never Quiet, Never Soft’ at Cult Status Gallery this weekend

Pieces on display include art dolls, paintings, and a jumbo birdhouse visitors can traipse through at their leisure.

– Shelby Meyers, City Pages


Animal throws down in new book

Joe Laurinaitis tells his wrestling tales in an autobiography.

– GRAYDON ROYCE, Star Tribune


Elegance meets energy

Dancers of Aspen Santa Fe Ballet were impressive in their Twin Cities debut.

– RICK NELSON, Star Tribune


Talking with Kim Jee-Woon, director of ultraviolent “I Saw the Devil”

The new South Korean bloody masterpiece I Saw the Devil is not for the faint of heart.

– Jim Brunzell III, TC Daily Planet


On obtumescence: The Drinkin’ Spelling Bee; ‘Kuroneko’ at the Uptown

– Max Sparber,


Girl Talk at First Avenue, 3/8/11

After last night’s sold-out Girl Talk show at First Avenue, classrooms across college campuses and cube farms in various office buildings probably feel a bit empty today.

– Jen Boyles, City Pages

Girl Talk at First Avenue: A hot mess, in a good way

After some early-career experiments with original electronic music, Gillis hit paydirt with high-energy mashups: combinations of recognizable elements of pre-existing songs.

– Jay Gabler, TC Daily Planet

McLachlan stages a mini-Lilith Fair

REVIEW: This princess of pain needed her female bandmates to add humor and grit to her formalism.

– JON BREAM, Star Tribune

Lady Gaga breaks exclusive deal with Target

The retail chain had planned to carry a deluxe edition of her new release.

– PAUL WALSH, Star Tribune


Brave New Workshop revisits recent past

Brave New Workshop’s Sarah Palin’s Minnesota, or Hindsight is 2011, blends several favorites from the past decade with everyone’s favorite part-time Alaskan politician as our host.

– Ed Huyck, City Pages

Fringe venues announced

Fringe-goers, set your GPSes: Venues for the 2011 Minnesota Fringe Festival have been set.

– Pioneer Press

Spotlight: Dido, Queen of Carthage

Theatre Pro Rata at Gremlin Theatre

– Ed Huyck, City Pages

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