Sunday news and reviews


News, over the decades, from Indian Country

A look at life on the rez from an award-winning Indian journalist.

– CHUCK LEDDY, Star Tribune

A pull toward North

A Twin Cities woman wants to re-create the Up North experience of her youth.


Duluth poet Vine is headed to Carnegie Hall

Five poems chosen for the Sanctuary Project.

– LAURIE HERTZEL , Star Tribune

Hunker down with some worthwhile small-press fiction by or about Minnesotans

Reviews of six small-press books.

– Mary Ann Grossmann, Pioneer Press

The real wealth of Ireland

A collection of modern Irish short stories, from Roddy Doyle to Edna O’Brien.

– ROBERT CREMINS, Star Tribune

An assault on fear and ignorance

A short biography of Branch Rickey, who invented the baseball farm team system and signed Jackie Robinson to a major league contract.


In search of wayward garbage

Hohn explores where our garbage goes, and why, by following a wayward load of yellow rubber ducks.

– KRISTIN THIEL, Star Tribune

Exploring strange on a royal scale

The private lives of Britain’s royals, from the Tudors to the Windsors.

– ERIC HANSON, Star Tribune


5 reasons to care about SXSW

Austin’s megafest is trendier and crazier than ever, but there will be ample proof this week that it still matters.



At History Theatre, a tale of two storytellers

Kevin Kling tells the stories and Simone Perrin makes the music as they tell of the two cities that nourished them both.

– GRAYDON ROYCE, Star Tribune

In ‘Broke-ology,’ family faces common dilemma

Who’s minding the parents?

– Rob Hubbard, Pioneer Press

Broke-ology at Pillsbury House Theatre

Broke-ology is a playground for actors and director James A. Willams has assembled for us a terrific cast, led first and foremost by the understated but sly and artful James Craven.

– John Olive,

“Goats” by the Minnesota Jewish Theatre Company: A whack in the back of the head with the metaphor broom

It is a humorous and touching story of one young man’s spiritual journey in Jerusalem (and with a hundred or so of Jerusalem’s goats), although at times it hangs heavy with metaphors and philosophical aphorisms.

– Katie Sisneros, TC Daily Planet

At the Children’s Theatre Company, “Barrio Grrrl!” is fierce fun

Touching on some fairly weighty topics–absent parents, poverty, whether or not imagination can solve adult problems, why kids need imaginary friends–Barrio Grrrl! kept me (and the kids in the audience) interested and laughing throughout the whole show.

– Courtney Algeo, TC Daily Planet

Capes and capers

Children are the heroes in Children’s Theatre season of classics, new works.

– ROHAN PRESTON, Star Tribune

Theater Latte Da will premiere original musical

Theater Latte Da will premiere “Steerage Song,” an original musical about early American immigrants, with a run June 2 through 5 at the Fitzgerald Theater in downtown St. Paul.

– Ross Raihala, Pioneer Press

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