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Ana Voog and the anacam: “At the core of all of us, we really just want to be seen”

Over the past 14 years, Voog has portrayed activities in her life–ranging from the mundane to the surreal, and including sexual experiences such as the conception and birth of her first child, over the Internet via images uploaded continually onto her website.

– Sheila Regan, TC Daily Planet


Change of Hue captivates with an ecstatic fusion of styles

Distinguished by thoroughly imaginative choreography, each of the three productions is performed with the hallmark poise, precision, and passion of Beyond Ballroom’s exceedingly versatile dancers.

– Brad Richason,


Sommerfest lineup announced

Two-week festival features familiar work.

– GRAYDON ROYCE, Star Tribune

some fun

Sommerfest will have musicians from around the world and a couple of non-orchestral concerts.

– Ross Raihala, Pioneer Press

VocalEssence sings new works, British and Mexican fare

VocalEssence may be the king of choirs in the Twin Cities, but it’s sharing the love with several other local groups during its 2011-12 season.

– Rob Hubbard, Pioneer Press

Censors clear Bob Dylan for his China debut

China’s Ministry of Culture said in a notice posted on its website Thursday that Dylan will be allowed to perform in Beijing between March 30 and April 12.

– Associated Press


Teatro del Pueblo and Pangea take on ‘Oedipus el Rey’

Based on the work by Sophocles, this play is set in the California prison system and a Los Angeles barrio.

– Sheila Regan, City Pages

The many stages of Niles Crane

“Frasier” star David Hyde Pierce loved his sitcom years, but is glad to be doing mostly theater.

– ROHAN PRESTON, Star Tribune

Lines blur between master and puppets

In opening show of puppetry festival a virtuoso human is attacked by his angry puppet.

– Rohan Preston, Star Tribune

Paul Johnson celebrates Paul Sills in ‘Back to Borneo’

In the play, the writer and performer examines key moments in his life through the prism of his work with Sills.

– Ed Huyck, City Pages

Gallagher collapses onstage in Rochester

The last half-second of a video below shows Gallagher falling down after using the old Sledge-O-Matic.

– Andrew Flanagan, City Pages

Manager says comedian Gallagher suffered heart attack in Rochester

Craig Marquado said Gallagher will remain hospitalized at least one more night. He said Gallagher’s two performances scheduled for Friday night in Illinois have been postponed.

– Associated Press

Theatre Pro Rata’s “Dido, Queen of Carthage” at Gremlin Theatre: Every god needs a BFF

Costumes are minimal yet effective, and a good lookin’ cast helps you believe that Venus is indeed a goddess of eternal youth and beauty and that, in general, gods have it pretty sweet.

– Betsy Gabler, TC Daily Planet

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