Monday news and reviews

Ok, this is a first: aside from a bunch of SXSW stories (a.k.a. “How I’m justifying these expense reports”), the only articles out there are about theater. And there are a bunch! Check out these reviews…


Familiar story, worth telling

“Bare” employs well-known conventions, yet it makes an argument for itself and the themes it explores.

– Graydon Royce

Pop musical ‘Bare’ reveals flaws early on

A doomed romance between gay teens lacks in resonance

– Ross Raihala. Pioneer Press

‘Curry Pie’ offers generous portions of American culture

Apple pie may be quintessentially American, but it’s likely most Minnesotans also would enjoy curry pie, especially as sliced up by Aamera Siddiqui.

– Renee Valois, Pioneer Press

Little Shop Of Horrors by Mu Performing Arts, at the Ritz Theater

Mu offers up an all-Asian production. Which signifies…nothing. One notices the Asian-ness of the show, thinks about it for perhaps 5 seconds, and then, in the face of director Jennifer Weir’s blazing exuberance and energy, forgets about it.

– John Olive,

Review: Macabre humor flourishes in a wickedly witty Little Shop of Horrors

Mu Performing Arts has launched an adaptation of Little Shop of Horrors at the Ritz Theater that thrives on quirkily macabre humor

– Brad Richason,

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