Monday news and reviews

Check out the reviews of “Barrio Grrrl” and “La Traviata”…


A quick look at recent releases

Reviews: ‘Minding Frankie’ and ‘Unbearable Lightness’

– Star Tribune

Writer Brent Spencer comes to terms with his father’s venomous legacy

The author and memoirist will be in St. Paul this week for a reading from his new book.

– JAMES CIHLAR, Star Tribune


Psycho killer

Minnesota’s Brett Rickaby once again plays the heavy in the new movie “Bereavement.”

– Andrew Penkalski, Star Tribune


Lively musical sends some love to urban America

The Children’s Theatre performance is a little slow to get going but it ultimately connects with a sweet ending.

– Rohan Preston, Star Tribune

‘Barrio Grrrl’ lacks a certain spiciness

The most memorable thing about “Barrio Grrrl!” is an insidiously bouncy refrain sung over and over throughout the show until it’s pounded into your head: “Barrio Barrio, Barrio Barrio Grrrl!”

– Renee Valois, Pioneer Press

Minnesota Opera production of ‘La Traviata’ keeps it real

Since the reality TV craze seems to be on the wane, how about some reality opera?

– Rob Hubbard, Pioneer Press

Minnesota Opera basks in the rapturous passion of Verdi’s La traviata

Transcending the graceful beauty of Giuseppe Verdi’s score with mesmerizing performances and a richly imaginative design, La traviata exemplifies great opera.

– Brad Richason,

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