Garrison Keillor to retire in spring of 2013

In an interview with the AARP Bulletin Keillor names his planned retirement date. When asked if he plans to “scale back,” Keillor responded:

“I am planning to retire in the spring of 2013, but first I have to find my replacement. I’m pushing forward, and also I’m in denial. It’s an interesting time of life.”

A flurry of chatter and dismay erupted in mid-January when it was announced that Keillor would step aside as host for the Jan. 15 performance at the Fitzgerald Theater in St. Paul, instead appearing as a guest.

Speculation immediately began that this was a precursor to retirement for Keillor, who has hosted the show since he created it in the 1970s.

I’ll be working on a more in-depth story for tonight – stay tuned.

  • ceb

    It’s about time. He is clearly on the way down. Better to go before they want you to and to go with grace. Unfortunately, mpr sees him as a cash cow. It’s time to create something new and lively. This has become especially evident when broadcasting older shows which are far superior to those being done live in 2011. Onward.

  • I disagree with the earlier post.

    Keillor is a national treasure. I wish he could go on forever.

    I can’t imagine my Saturdays without him.

  • ch

    I agree with the last post. Garrison Keillor is a part of my life as is Lake Woebegone.

  • Lady J

    GK and the entire gang at APHC is EXACTLY what America needs each and every week. The show’s creativity and musical performances are WAY superior to so much of the junk that comes wafting over the airwaves from TV and radio.

    There’s no need to retire from good quality creativity that’s shared with 4 million folks weekly . .. . . . just ask Ray & Tom Car Boys !!! 🙂

  • sophie klejmont

    I will so miss Saturdays with Garrison Keillor. Kind, funny, entertaining and in many ways a moral compass in a time that seems to need guidance more than ever. He is a treasure and irreplaceable.

  • BradDavis

    I still enjoy “A Prairie Home Companion” very much on an almost weekly basis. I feel the show is still at its peak level, but I certainly would understand if Mr. Keillor felt he’d covered it and was ready to bring the curtain down on his program in 2013 when he’s 70. Always leave ’em wanting more. I’m sure the responsibilities of the show are an exhausting grind for him.

  • zachary

  • Tom Harlan

    I agree that Garrison Keillor is a national treasure! He is both brilliant and entertaining in such a unique way. I have seen him perform in person many times. No notes – all in his head. I can’t imagine not being able to listen to his show every week. But whatever he does is fine with me. He deserves whatever he wishes – after giving us (the world) so much for so many years!

    We love him.