Wednesday news and reviews

Lots of great stories today, but the first one is the funniest…


Bare-breasted Venus on MIA’s Titian billboard graffiti-bombed with bra

​Apparently, someone thought it was just a little too nipple-y outside.

– Jessica Lussenhop, City Pages

A Walker tradition that always looks forward

Notables in the design world come to Walker Art Center to offer a 25th year of Insights.

– MARY ABBE, Star Tribune


An evening in celebration of John Berryman, a great poet and a great teacher

On Thursday evening, a group of fellow poets, former students and admirers gathered at the Loring Pasta Bar’s red room in Dinkytown to remember John Berryman.

– Robert OConnor, TC Daily Planet

These Vonnegut stories are timeless

A story collection built on old-time cultural touchstones (milk deliveries, pen pals) reveals timeless truths.

– KEVIN CANFIELD, Star Tribune


Randy Newman wears many hats at hilarious, satisfying Guthrie gig

At the grand piano, Newman is a sit-down comedian. He sets up his songs by explaining the context or inspiration for his compositions. And, of course, he often adds a little biting commentary.

– Jon Bream

Tapes ‘n Tapes return with Outside

Third album from the indie faves goes back to basics

– Jeff Gage, City Pages

Morcheeba frontwoman Skye Edwards back where she belongs

Reinstated singer dishes on the breakup and her trio’s new start

– Jen Boyles, City Pages

(For the extended interview, click here)


Don’t hate me because I’m hilarious

Funny women finally get their piece of the pie — even if it’s being thrown in their faces.

– NEAL JUSTIN, Star Tribune

Table Salt Production’s Rachael Brogan Flanery on creating new work

City Pages recently took a moment to talk with Flanery about her script, the politics of writing about people you know, and producing new work.

– Sheila Regan, City Pages

Mixed Blood Theatre’s “Agnes Under the Big Top”: Six rings shy

Agnes Under the Big Top is, at times, a lot of fantastic adjectives: ambitious, confident, funny, provocative. But the end result winds up being notably less than the sum of its parts.

– Christopher Kehoe, TC Daily Planet

The Balcony at Nimbus Theatre

Director Josh Cragun pushes the material and the company, and produces moments that transcend the limitations, creating something truly strange and grand.

– Ed Huyck, City Pages

Mad Munchkin and Eclectic Edge present an ode to winter, with dancing and puppets

I found myself charmed, despite my misgivings about the timing of the show, by the enthusiasm that the dancer and puppeteers had toward our horrible, wonderful climate here in Minnesota.

– Sheila Regan, TC Daily Planet

Blank Slate’s “Pinocchio” is a sterling page-to-stage adaptation

Blank Slate Theatre’s 14th full-length production, a page-to-stage adaptation of Pinocchio, would be artistically challenging even for a professional theater company. The fact that this brilliantly staged and beautifully performed play was put together by grade school and high school students and their twentysomething creative team (playwright, director, and producer) makes it a breathtaking achievement.

– Sarah Rattanavong-Wash, TC Daily Planet

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