Wednesday news and reviews


MINNESOTA VOICES | Muralist on a mission

It never gets old for muralist Jimmy Longoria-watching harried Minneapolitans freeze in their tracks to bask in the radiance of what used to be just another drab city wall.

– David Jarnstrom, TC Daily Planet

Ken Avidor: 100 Creatives

While many artists dabble in newsprint/magazine illustration work, few can include courtroom sketch artist on their resume. Ken Avidor can.

– Jessica Armbruster, City Pages


The journey from ‘Eat Pray Love’ back to marriage

Elizabeth Gilbert talks about her sequel, “Committed,” and her desire to focus on “imaginary people” instead of herself.

– Laurie Hertzel, Star Tribune

A novel as sparkling and elegant as a Tiffany lampshade

Based on a real person, Susan Vreeland’s novel about a stained-glass artisan and her years at Tiffany’s is a sensitive portrayal of women’s struggles in the 19th century.

– Katherine Bailey, Star Tribune


Oscar nominees enjoy Beverly Hilton lunch: Where everyone is equal for the day

Fashion seemed to be the topic of the Beverly Hilton’s Interview Room where 19 of 20 actor contenders gathered with the media before attending a luncheon to honor all 152 nominees. Six are double nominees and two are triple nominees.

– Barb Teed, TC Daily Planet


Hiatt, Lovett and an evening of great music and repartee

When John Hiatt and Lyle Lovett team up for an acoustic singer-songwriter concert, you go for the songs and come away appreciating their humor as much as their music.

– Jon Bream, Star Tribune

Replacements bootlegs unearthed and posted online

Gimme Noise contributor Andrew Flanagan dug up some old bootlegs from the Minneapolis music scene as part of his gig working for the Daily Swarm, and there are quite a few little nuggets nestled into the old recordings that are now streaming online.

– Andrea Swensson, City Pages


Little Eyes brings fear and loathing to the stage

Cory Hinkle play touches on modern fears

– Ed Huyck, City Pages

Exit, pursued by a bear: ‘Winter’s Tale’ at the Guthrie

Everybody likes to point out that “Winter’s Tale” is one of Shakespeare’s so-called problem plays, in part because they’re about problems, and in part because the plays themselves are sort of a problem.

– Max Sparber,

When does a negative review go too far?

Jay Gabler responds to a reader who thought his review of Workhaus Collective’s Little Eyes was inappropriately glib.

– Jay Gabler, TC Daily Planet


‘Glee’ tour is coming to Target Center in June

They’re big enough to follow the Super Bowl and star in a Chevy commercial, but can the cast members of “Glee” fill up Target Center?


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