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Digital technology inspires two art shows at Soo Visual Arts Center

The digital age is shaking up the art world. With easy access to tools, artists have an entirely new palate to work with.

– Coco Mault, City Pages

Walk like an Egyptian: Tut at the Science Museum; ‘An Idiot Abroad’

– Max Sparber, MinnPost.com


A quick look at recent releases

“Every Bitter Thing,” and “And Furthermore”

– Star Tribune

Coy joins men reading to Head Start class

Award-winning Minneapolis children’s author John Coy will join 20 Twin Cities men who will read Jan Brett’s “The Mitten” to a Head Start class Wednesday.

– Mary Ann Grossman


‘Distortion’ Fashion Show features student designers stretching boundaries

The crowd was treated to everything from the elegant to the extreme, with the 18 senior designers presenting their unique take on menswear, lingerie, twisted couture, and more.

– Patrick Strait, City Pages


(Pssst – Golden Smog is coming to the Fine Line April 15 and 16. There, that saves me from posting two articles…)

Randy Newman at the Guthrie Theater, 2/21/11

Newman is a man of a thousand voices, yet he is one man, and he is at peace with all of his songs, even as they war with one another.

– David Hansen, City Pages

Pete Yorn talks about working with Frank Black

Released in September of 2010 and produced by Frank Black of the Pixies, Pete Yorn was recorded spur-of-the-moment over the course of five days back in 2008.

– Cindal Lee Heart, City Pages

Lady Gaga changes Target’s political donation policies

– Andrea Swensson, City Pages

Radiohead’s ‘King of Limbs’: Love it and hate it

Brilliant, disappointing, theory-based, soulful, lovely, ugly Radiohead.

– Andrew Flanagan, City Pages

Old 97’s and Those Darlins storm First Avenue

Their songs are like a well-made pair of boots: you can wear them through good times and bad, and they never wear out.

– Jay Gabler, TC Daily Planet

Tennis at the 7th Street Entry: 20-something love

Demure, stoic, almost sheepish; the band slinked on stage with their heads down and their gazes averted towards the floor.

– Sarah Heuer, TC Daily Planet


Latte Da explores ‘theater with music’ in ‘Song of Extinction’

“Music steps in when words fail to capture an emotion, an idea, the power of the human spirit. We have approached the entire production as though it were a symphony; a visual, emotional and visceral composition with the final movement culminating in Max’s ‘Song of Extinction,'” says Director Peter Rothstein.

– Ed Huyck, City Pages

‘Agnes Under the Big Top’ Complex characters and plotting never quite come together

Over the course of her play, Aditi Kapil introduces us to a half-dozen interesting characters from across the globe in a story about immigration, assimilation and freedom of various kinds.

– Dominic P. Papatola, Pioneer Press

Potent characters wait at the station

A new play at Mixed Blood puts immigrant characters in motion on a set that includes a railway station and a train car.

– Star Tribune

Sandbox Theatre revisits the Coens’ “Fargo”

Sandbox’s Fargo is a quick little cabaret, a non-linear set of pieces inspired by the now-classic film.

– Jay Gabler, TC Daily Planet

Warm spirit carries ‘On Golden Pond’

REVIEW: As directed by Don Stolz, a sentimental, clunky play has a dry wit and admirable performances.


‘Superstar’ still rocks as an opera

Andrew Lloyd Webber’s songs and score sound great in Chanhassen’s production. The story, which once seemed controversial in how it was told, feels tame.

– Graydon Royce, Star Tribune

Why parties are so important in Minnesota

Max goes to an opera party.

By Max Sparber, MinnPost.com

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