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Michael Merriam talks speculative fiction

Author of The Horror at Cold Springs and Should We Drown in Feathered Sleep, a near-future post-apocalyptic story about a pair of loons who magically transform a young woman in a wheelchair into a naiad (a water nymph), Merriam has written over 70 pieces of short fiction and poetry.

– Sheila Regan, City Pages

Stephen Elliott’s “The Adderall Diaries,” February’s Books & Bars selection

Elliot serves up a feast that may look like decadent dross, but satiates the need for literary sustenance.

– Courtney Davison, TC Daily Planet


Sundance Film Festival report: From “Page One” to “All Your Dead Ones”

– Jim Brunzell III, TC Daily Planet


In memoriam: The White Stripes

A personal tribute to the band, which announced its breakup Wednesday.

– Chris Riemenschneider, Star Tribune

The White Stripes announce breakup after 13 years as a band

The White Stripes, one of the most influential lo-fi rock duos of the early 2000s, have officially called it quits after a few years of hiatus.

– Andrea Swensson, City Pages

Former Prince drummer Bobby Z in critical condition following heart attack

Bobby Z, best known for his stint drumming for Prince in the late ’70s and early to mid ’80s, is critical condition after suffering a heart attack and undergoing bypass surgery.

– Andrea Swensson, City Pages


Green ogres are people, too

Clever book and lyrics push laughs to the fore as Shrek and pals undertake a series of fairy-tale adventures.

– Rohan Preston, Star Tribune

‘Shrek’ comes to the stage with inspired sight gags, dancing, color and lively musicIf you liked “Shrek” the movie, odds are you’ll love “Shrek the Musical.”

– Renee Valois

Maximum Verbosity looks for the definition of love

In phillip low’s latest work, Penner vs. the Hydra, a priest living in a police state must come up with a definition for the ultimate four-letter word.

– Ed Huyck, City Pages

The imp of the perverse: ‘Shrek’ takes the stage at the Orpheum Theatre

I went to see “Shrek: The Musical” last night. It has quite a few good qualities, and a few great ones, which I shall enumerate shortly. But I mostly went to see it because I have met David Lindsay-Abaire, who wrote the book and lyrics, and who, for no clear reason, my girlfriend decided to prank, and I want to tell these stories.

– Max Sparber,

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