Saturday news and reviews


The boy king’s bling

The wide-eyed opening day visitors to the Science Museum’s King Tut exhibit found much to fascinate them.

– BILL WARD, Star Tribune

Ta-Coumba Aiken listens to the song of ancestors

There are a thousand voices singing at the Gordon Parks Gallery, where Ta-coumba Aikien’s “In the Spirit” exhibition is now on display.

– Sheila Regan, City Pages

The Experimental Print: Stanley William Hayter and the Artists of Atelier 17

Gallery 263, nestled between a Minnesota-specific exhibit and a room of photography at the MIA, is currently host to a bold, modern, and colorful show.

– Coco Mault, City Pages

Artists “Navigating the Aftermath” of the Iraq War at the University of Minnesota’s Quarter Gallery

Through art, film, and special events, the artists–including anti-war activists, Iraq war veterans, and Iraqi artists–explore how we exist after experiencing the devastations of war.

– Sheila Regan, TC Daily Planet


Dancing and devotion

Sarah Michelson pushes her dancers to heroic limits in a work about faith and belief.

– CAROLINE PALMER, Special to the Star Tribune

Sarah Michelson’s “Devotion” at the Walker Art Center: The cycles of life, spinning and spinning and spinning

The performers seen and heard in Devotion are extraordinary creatures, moving with power and precision. However, they’re put to the service of a piece that, while technically accomplished and clearly very personal, is ridiculously pretentious and becomes ridiculously boring.

– Jay Gabler, TC Daily Planet


“Cedar Rapids”: More enjoyable than a trip to the actual Cedar Rapids

Local audiences may be offended at the portrayal of the inhabitants of the Midwest as dopey, unsophisticated, and easy to take advantage of, but what they will appreciate are the references to sports teams, neighboring cities, and the attention to detail in our regional dialect.

– Emily Weiss, TC Daily Planet


Minneapolis woman wows ’em on ‘Idol’

A regular at the Dakota and in Target commercials, Sophia Shorai has already made a name for herself outside her mother’s shadow.


Sara Jane Olson’s daughter makes splash on ‘American Idol’It turns out local vocalist Sophia Shorai, who made a splash on Thursday’s “American Idol,” is also the daughter of one of St. Paul’s most famous former fugitives — Sara Jane Olson.

– Amy Carlson Gustafson, Pioneer Press

SXSW 2011: Minnesota roll call

With South by Southwest less than a month away (the music portion kicks off on March 16), we thought it a good time to start compiling our list of Minnesotans making the haul down to Austin, Texas this year.

– Andrea Swensson, CIty Pages

A little bit of Burgundy at the Basilica

A visit to an art museum can take you back to other millennia, lending insights through images created in earlier eras. But music might be the best way to travel to centuries passed.

– Rob Hubbard , Pioneer Press

A sneak peek at songs from Kahlo opera

The tumultuous life of Frida Kahlo is dramatized by Dawn Upshaw and SPCO.

– WILLIAM RANDALL BEARD, Special to the Star Tribune

Clarinet concerto in U.S. premiere

The work by Kalevi Aho gets an emotional performance by the Minnesota Orchestra and guest clarinetist Martin Fröst.

– LARRY FUCHSBERG, Special to the Star Tribune

Jeremy Walker of the Small City Trio: “There is always something to improve on and discover

Small City Trio return to Minneapolis promoting their album Pumpkins’ Reunion with a February 25th show at famed jazz club the Dakota.

– Dwight Hobbes, TC Daily Planet


Human stories, big issues

Theatre Latté Da takes on a play informed by music, but it’s not your standard musical theater.

– GRAYDON ROYCE, Star Tribune

Nimbus opens space with ‘The Balcony’

Considering what has happened in Egypt in the last two weeks, along with the general instability in the Middle East, and the political unrest in neighboring Wisconsin, it’s certainly prescient of Nimbus to tackle Jean Genet’s The Balcony as the inaugural piece in the company’s new northeast Minneapolis space.

– Ed Huyck, City Pages

Teatro del Pueblo’s 10th Annual Political Theatre Festival examines questions of Latino identity

“Latinos in Transition” is the theme for the 10th Annual Political Theatre Festival, presented by Teatro del Pueblo and Pangea World Theatre.

– Bev Wolfe, TC Daily Planet

Penumbra Theatre Company’s “Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom” at the Guthrie Theater: Blues under glass

What stands out most at the end of the production is not just the incredible ability of Rainey, but instead her disheartening struggle for respect.

– Jason Zabel, TC Daily Planet

Walking Shadow Theatre Company dances with desire in “Drakul”

Walking Shadow Theater Company breathes new (and yet eternal) life into Bram Stoker’s Dracula with their latest production, Drakul, written and directed by John Heimbuch.

– Rebecca Collins, TC Daily Planet

“Leave”: Urban Samarai takes on Don’t Ask Don’t Tell

Set against the backdrop of Clinton’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy, the play tells the story of four gay men–two marines, an ex-army soldier, and “a marine wife”–whose lives get tangled together in a searing drama in the midst of war.

– Sheila Regan, TC Daily Planet

Lily Tomlin at the State Theatre: Still makin’ ’em laugh

It’s Agnes! It’s Ernestine! It’s Lucille! Yes it is. And even more when you’re lucky enough to catch the many personalities brought to life during “An Evening of Classic Lily Tomlin.”

– Betsy Gabler, TC Daily Planet

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