Saturday news and reviews


‘NAGAS’ presents the finest art in North America by MFA students

This is a highly coveted show for Master’s students to be accepted into as it is also carries weight in the art world on a larger scale, leading to greater opportunities for artists’ works to be seen by not only other students and alumni, but by professionals in the field as well.

– Coco Mault, City Pages


Peter Geye wins Indie Lit Award

Think that book bloggers are just a bunch of loners, typing away in obscurity? Think again. They have clout, and they have smarts. And to prove it, they have just announced the winners of the first annual Indie Lit Awards, and they are stellar.

– Laurie Hertzel, Star Tribune


Northrop’s ‘Swan’ song

A Russian classic rings down the curtain on the U’s renovation-bound auditorium.

– Rick Nelson, Star Tribune

“Swan Lake” by the Voronezh State Ballet Theatre of Russia: An epic climax to Northrop’s dance season

16 swans dancing en pointe in perfect unison is a sight to behold, even if they’re not the 16 best swans.

– Jay Gabler, TC Daily Planet


From mini-moments to monsters of the 20th century

– Max Sparber,


Iñárritu’s latest film finds “Biutiful” things in the darkest places

Biutiful is a film about the graces, small and large, that sustain us in this world, a world that can be very cruel.

– Jay Gabler, TC Daily Planet

‘Roommate’ CliffsNotes: It’s not scary or suspensefulIt’s unclear what courses the college students in “The Roommate” are taking, but it sure isn’t Turn On the Lights When You’re About to Confront a Maniac in a Dark Room 101.

– Chris Hewitt, Pioneer Press


Atmosphere to drop ‘The Family Sign’ on April 12

Ending what turned out to be a three-year stretch between full-length albums — in which time Slug welcomed another son, lost one of his best friends and still kept up plenty of appearances — Atmosphere just announced details of “The Family Sign,” scheduled for release April 12 via (what else?) Rhymesayers Entertainment.

– Chris Riemenschneider, Star Tribune

Andrew Broder launches ‘Broderbeatcast’ podcastSort of like a weekly radio program Andrew drops an assemblage of studio works-in-progress to his subscribers and listeners that works as good musical background for whatever it is that occupies your own Winter routines.

– Danny Sigelman, City Pages

The 4onthefloor getting ready to floor it

Once again proving their momentum is well-deserved with a sweltering set at the Turf Club, blues-punk rockers the 4onthefloor have come up with the perfect release date for their debut album: April 4, as in 4/4, same as the time signature of all of the quartet’s songs.

– Chris Riemenschneider, Star Tribune

Peter Wolf Crier and Retribution Gospel Choir at the Cedar, 02/03/11

Things were so comfortable on stage for both Peter Wolf Crier and Retribution Gospel Choir on Thursday night at the Cedar that at one point Alan Sparhawk was giving Peter Pisano a neck message during PWC’s set, and all of us fans in the audience were more than entertained by the affectionate display.

– Erik Thompson, City Pages


Berlovitz terrific in searing ‘Mother Courage’In the right hands, it can be a searing night of drama, full of black humor and an even bleaker view on humanity. The Bricklayers Theatre, Collectif Masque, and former Jeune Lune company member Barbra Berlovitz definitely have that.

– Ed Huyck, City Pages

A moving and entertaining “Winter’s Tale” at the Guthrie Theater

With its long passage of time, its invocation of myth and magic, and its unusual stage direction (“Exit, pursued by a bear”), The Winter’s Tale is ambiguous and absorbing.

– Jay Gabler, TC Daily Planet

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