Sunday news and reviews

Ah, Sundays… thank goodness for the book reviews…


Charles Baxter’s QUIRKY WORLD

Seven new and 16 selected stories by a master of the form.

– Mark Athitakis, Star Tribune

The man who saved music

The life of Alan Lomax, who traveled the world, collecting and preserving folk music.

– Curt Schleier, Star Tribune

A return trip along the Cherokees’ Trail of Tears

A compelling recounting of the events that led up to the Cherokees being forced out of Georgia.

– Glenn C. Altschuler, Star Tribune

Building a foundation

Annie Proulx’s memoir about building a house touches on the emotional and spiritual meaning of home.

– Christy DeSmith, Star Tribune

Reading books in the digital age

As former Los Angeles Times book editor David Ulin notes, we are developing shorter attention spans that make it increasingly difficult to read those old-fashioned objects called books.

– Chuck Leddy, Star Tribune

A life story, not so ordinary after all

A widow in postwar America takes stock of her life in this latest novel by a National Book Award winner.

– Jim Carmin, Star Tribune


At the Walker Art Center, Betontanc and command “Show Your Face!”

In Show Your Face!, a group of eastern European performing artists bring a small snowsuit to life and send it on an journey of discovery. “It started out really cute,” my friend Katie said afterwards, “and then there was the puppet rape.”

– Jay Gabler, TC Daily Planet

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