Sunday news and reviews

The staff at the Star Tribune do all the heavy lifting in arts coverage today…featuring some fine book reviews for those who have resolved to read more. Enjoy!


Postcards from Minnisapa

“Merit Badges” is set in a town where even the ordinary becomes intriguing.

– Emily Carter, Star Tribune

Stories so skilled, even clumsy ones are brilliant

Nine new stories by Irish fiction writer Colm Toibin.

– Claude Peck, Star Tribune

Stuart’s latest travels through a muddled and whimsical world

The world of Julia Stuart’s latest novel is one of whimsical characters muddling through vaguely improbable situations.

– Emily H. Freeman, Star Tribune

A strong novel about deception and secrets

Back in her childhood home after years abroad, a woman discovers mysteries around her father’s death.

– Katherine Bailey, Star Tribune

A reflection of a complete life

A Polish villager recalls his life, good and bad.

– Michele Filgate, Star Tribune

Looking for meaning in writers’ homes

A cross-country search for meaning in the homes of famous writers.

– Peter Geye, Special to the Star Tribune


Eleven reasons to get excited about 2011

We asked Star Tribune critics to share the single biggest thing that’s revving them up for the new year.

– Star Tribune staff


Trans-Europe express

In this year’s Out There, the Walker offers a whistle-stop tour of European experimental theater.

– Graydon Royce, Star Tribune

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