Saturday playlist


Sara Watkins is scheduled to guest host “A Prairie Home Companion” on January 15.

Catch up on the arts stories you missed this week…

Censoring Huck Finn?A Mark Twain scholar is planning to release a new edition of the classic “Huckleberry Finn,” with the “N” word being replaced by the word “slave.” He says it’s not an attempt to render the book colorblind, but many commentators are up in arms.

A snowsuit tells tales of terror

Few people would link a toddler’s snowsuit with the horrors of totalitarianism. Yet this weekend at the Walker Art Center some eastern European performers are doing just that.

The Dinner Party Download featuring Tennis

This week on the Dinner Party Download, an icebreaker from director Spike Jonze, drink inspiration from the Washington Generals, and a chat with musician-couple Patrick Riley and Alaina Moore, aka Tennis.

Sara Watkins set to be Prairie Home’s first guest host

A Prairie Home Companion is calling it an “historic first.” Garrison Keillor will step aside for one show, and let someone be the guest host. The singer and fiddler Sarah Watkins will take a turn out in front, while Keillor watches his show from the sidelines, until it’s time for the news from Lake Wobegon. He’ll still deliver his signature monologue.

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