Saturday news and reviews


Vince Vaughn’s “Dilemma” has an easy solution: See a different movieThe Dilemma features numerous sports metaphors, so here’s one to describe the film itself. Some movies lose like a football team loses, by making a series of mistakes that leave them in poor field position to succeed. This movie, however, loses like a baseball team loses: again and again, Vaughn’s character has a chance to make a reasonable decision and salvage the film, but again and again, he strikes out. Eventually, the movie just runs out of innings.

– Jay Gabler, TC Daily Planet


De Waart takes SPCO on tour of favorites

For his second weekend with the Chamber Orchestra, Edo de Waart chose music close to his heart, from Mozart to Adams.

– Larry Fuchsberg, Star Tribune

Natalia Kills on music, film, snow, and nakedness

Natalia Kills, the British pop singer-songwriter-performer-provocateur, is pulling out all the stops to make an impression in the music world–complete with a video series called Love, Kills xx in which Natalia…well, kills.

– Jay Gabler, TC Daily Planet


What Gob Squad gets out of the ‘Kitchen’

The British/German troupe riffs on the films of Andy Warhol, including his “Kitchen,” to make a statement about permanence and evanescence.

– Graydon Royce

‘Gob Squad’s Kitchen’: 15 minutes of fame, one show at a timeThe piece itself isn’t as much a recreation of the obscure film but a meditation on the influence it–and the rest of the 1960s counterculture–have had in the decades since Warhol and his Factory friends decided to make art in their own image.

– Ed Huyck, City Pages

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