MN poetry: Robert Bly’s “Call and Answer”

Once I heard Robert Bly read his own poetry, I couldn’t help but hear it again in my head as I read his words. Rough and melodic at the same time, his voice has become for me an integral part of his work.

So thanks to local filmmaker Mike Hazard, here’s a clip of Bly reciting his poem “Call and Answer.”

And while I’m on the subject of poetry, I thought it worth pointing it out that the “MN Poets” archive on State of the Arts is now one year deep, and I have yet to repeat the work of any one poet. That’s 54 poets and counting! So, when you have a moment, peruse the archive to see what a fine collection of poetry we’ve built. And if you have some ideas on poets you think should appear on the Monday “Minnesota Poetry” post, let me know.

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