Art Hounds: Dallas Orbiter, insect drawings, and a performance smorgasbord

Ralph_3.jpgThis week the hounds dig up delicate insect drawings at the University of Minnesota, a multi-culti showcase at the History Center, and new music a Minneapolis electronic group is offering free-of-charge.

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charlene.JPGChar Ellingson is a science teacher in Minneapolis who’s always on the lookout for examples of art and science merging in beneficial ways. She found it at the University of Minnesota’s entomology department in the form of intricate, detailed, vibrantly-colored insect drawings by grad students and faculty. The U offers a graduate-level insect drawing course every other year. Viewing opportunities for the drawings are by appointment only.

tmychael.JPGT. Mychael Rambo likes the idea of a family friendly multi-national performance buffet because, among other things, its ‘community building’ potential. That’s one of the reasons the local theater artist and arts educator endorses “Global Hotdish” at the Minnesota History Center on January 29. This installment of ‘Hotdish’ will be hosted by a Hmong spoken word artist, and feature an Eastern European dance troupe, jugglers, and gospel singers.

richbarlow.jpgMusician and visual artist Rich Barlow appreciates all artists who challenge themselves creatively, and he also likes it when bands do covers. Therefore Rich is very pleased with the Minneapolis electronic band Dallas Orbiter’s plans to release a new song and a cover tune every month in 2011 to celebrate its tenth anniversary. They’re available as free downloads at the Dallas Orbiter website.

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