Wednesday news and reviews

The big news of the day? City Pages has posted its “Artists of the Year” issue, including props to local musicians, photographers, writers and more.


Emily Johnson on being photographed by Alec Soth for the cover of City Pages

– Sheila Regan, City Pages

How I destroyed a painting by Yves Klein – Max Sparber,

Alec Soth shoots City Pages cover for Artists of the Year– Kevin Hoffman


Classic Coens

Brimming with great acting and featuring a spitfire of a newcomer, Joel and Ethan Coen ace their remake of “True Grit.”

– Colin Covert, Star Tribune

True Great

The Coen Brothers give us a poignant, articulate Western that’s better than the John Wayne version

– Chris Hewitt , Pioneer Press

First comes love, then comes … murder?

As you might expect, the reality-based mystery “All Good Things” comes to an unhappy ending.

– Colin Covert, Star Tribune

‘All Good Things’ has just some good things

Why isn’t “All Good Things” better? Writing and direction.

– Chris Hewitt, Pioneer Press

Fruitcake, anyone?

“Little Fockers” is an overstuffed jumble that goes light on the one thing that it needs most – laughs.

– Colin Covert, Star Tribune

Movie review: Dumb ‘Fockers’

“Little Fockers” is the holiday equivalent of the gift of a pair of gloves: It fills a niche, but it’s tough to get excited about it.

– Chris Hewitt

Sofia Coppola’s “Somewhere” is really, really, really boring

It’s as if gold-medalist skier Maria Riesch were to show up for the 2014 Winter Olympics wearing snowshoes instead of skis.

– Jay Gabler, TC Daily Planet


Impaler’s Bill Lindsey shares memories and holiday greetings

Longtime frontman comes a-knocking

– Danny Sigelman, City Pages

Nato Coles discusses new band, upcoming releasesWe caught up with Coles to ask him a few questions about his new project and his move to the Twin Cities.

– Loren Green, City Pages

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