MN Opera’s new director on Midmorning


I just tuned into the second hour of Midmorning to get an introduction to the Minnesota Opera’s new director, Allan Naplan. In conversation with guest host Tom Crann, Naplan took on several topics, including the challenges surrounding finding new audiences, balancing new opera with the classics, and the importance of philanthropy (“an opera starts losing money as soon as the curtain is raised”).

Naplan also discussed the Metropolitan Opera’s broadcasts in movie theaters, the difference between opera in the U.S. and opera in Europe, and promised that “Jerry Springer: The Opera” would not be on the Minnesota Opera’s calendar any time soon.

Click on the above link to here the entire conversation; it’s worth sticking through the whole hour to hear the newsmaker with James Sewell and Camille LeFevre on a NY Times’ writer’s criticism of two ballet dancers’ physical appearance.

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