Commonweal Theatre’s managing director resigns

Lanesboro’s Commonweal Theatre is paring down its leadership.

Managing Director Eric Bunge has resigned after being requested to do so by the theater’s board of directors. In a press release, the theater’s leadership said “the organization will be best served by a single leader focused on producing the highest quality art and entertainment possible while also strengthening the Commonweal’s long-term sustainability.” To that end, Artistic Director Hal Cropp has been named interim Executive Director.

In the same release, Eric Bunge was quoted as saying that “this is a milestone that I had anticipated for some time and a necessary step for Commonweal to become an institution that outlives any one person’s contribution or service.”

The Commonweal has produced more than 100 plays; attendance at the theater has grown steadily from 15,000 to almost 21,000 patrons over the past five years.

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