Art Hounds: 2010 Highlights, part one

We asked our Art Hounds to pick their arts and culture highlights of the year. Here is the first installment:

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silkroad.JPG“Photographer to the Tsar: Revealing the Silk Road” at The Museum of Russian Art

In the early 1900s, Sergei M. Prokudin-Gorskii, reportedly a photographer and chemist, took black and white images and used red, green, and blue filters to create the highly detailed color images that were on display. The fabrics and landscapes memorialized in the slides are just stunning. What a lovely example of the powerful combination of color, science, site, and art patron.

-Jada Schumacher, designer

“Inter-Be” by Peter Wolf Crier

The music on the album covers so much territory, at once melancholy, pleading, relentless, sexy, sad, hopeful, and every other emotion you can think of. It’s the type of album you just want to listen to over and over.

-Billie Jo Konze, actress

scrimshaw.jpgThe evolution of the Scrimshaw Brothers

Seeing the Scrimshaw brothers evolve from a seat-of-the-(no) pants sketch comedy and improv duo into the creators of two full-fledged comedy production companies, Joking Envelope and Comedy Suitcase. Between the two of them, they’re producing and performing in some of the finest original comedies in theater today.

-Scott Pakudaitis, theater photographer

The relocation of the American Craft Council

The ACC did their homework and found that the Twin Cities is a thriving and dynamic place for craft — from individuals to organizations, from DIY to long-time artisans. Their presence here will bring even more attention to those who create beautiful things here in Minnesota.

-Nina Clark, singer and director of programs and exhibits and the American Swedish Institute

tav.jpg“Thinkingaview” by Jeffery Peterson Dance

Both kooky and graceful, it defied all expectations of what a dance show should or can be. Underwear dancing and unabashed public displays of affection onstage led to audience members making out throughout the theater!

-Robyn Hendrix, artist

Check back next week for the second round of highlights. In the meantime, tell us about your arts and culture highlights in the comments!

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